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Flett Exchange strategically advises clients on how to best finance and develop solar projects. As a neutral third-party consultant, Flett Exchange presents the most cost-effective and efficient way to achieve solar power and reduce energy costs. We objectively assess your proposed project, complete a site-assessment, and partner with qualified engineers, developers, installers, power purchasers, solar-leaseback firms, accountants, lawyers, and regulatory bodies to ensure solar success.

The solar learning curve is steep, full of questions, and riddled with pitfalls. Flett Exchange alleviates your concerns and delivers turnkey solutions for achieving solar. Our team of trained solar professionals can guide your firm through each step of the solar process, actively manage risk, and maximize reward.

When it comes to financing or developing solar, trust in Flett Exchange and gain instant access to a vertically integrated environmental exchange, brokerage, and consulting firm. Our comprehensive services include:

SREC Exchange & Brokerage Portfolio Managment & Research Solar Financing Request-for-Proposals (RFPs) Tax Guidance Legislation Public Relations & Green Branding

SREC Exchange & Brokerage: Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs) are the driving financial component to solar projects. Flett Exchange operates and develops spot, long-term, and public-auction SREC markets where buyers and sellers meet to negotiate and secure price, quantity, and vintage/duration of SRECs on a seamless, secure, and transparent online trading platform. With over 1,900 active clients, Flett Exchange is a leader in SREC monetization and offers the largest diverse pool of liquidity and is supported by a team of solar professionals with regulated energy backgrounds.

Portfolio Management & Research: Flett Exchange actively manages solar risk. Our daily interaction with SREC markets gives us a comprehensive overview of SREC supply, demand, and forward pricing. Flett Exchange can monitor, manage, execute, and remit SREC payment directly to your account. Our solar team regularly publishes market commentaries updating clients on new solar developments. Flett Exchange also has established synergies with renewable energy accountants who can assist your firm in leveraging tax incentives.

Solar Financing: Flett Exchange begins by evaluating your solar project. We commence with a feasibility study and take a non-biased assessment of the opportunities and challenges of your presented project. We then educate your firm or organization on the various solar structures and implement a financial strategy that best meets your needs. Self-Financed, percentage-financed, power purchase agreement (PPA) financed, or solar-leasebacks are just a few options we explore. Our goal is to help your firm achieve a reduced rate of electricity for an extended period of time, hedge against potential higher electricity costs, and achieve a newfound SREC revenue stream. Flett Exchange can introduce traditional banks or tax-equity investors who will commit capital to qualified solar projects.

Request-for-Proposals (RFPs): Flett Exchange manages private and public Request-for-Proposals (RFPs). We invite qualified power purchaser agreement (PPA) providers, solar-leaseback firms, and renewable energy financers to present competitive proposals for the construction, development, engineering, financing, maintenance, and operation of your proposed solar facility. Flett Exchange administers RFPs in a transparent manner and advises clients on the most advantageous proposal.

Tax Guidance: Solar projects are candidates for federal tax incentives and state rebates. The Investment Tax Credit (ITC) returns over 30% of a solar project's capital cost to investors in the form of a tax credit. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, also allows renewable energy projects to receive a 30% upfront grant in lieu of the ITC. Developers of commercial and industrial projects can realize additional tax benefits from the depreciating cost of their solar facility. A business, "can depreciate the installed cost of the system minus 50% of the business Investment Tax Credit (ITC) over the first five years of ownership using the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS)." Flett Exchange can also assist in grant writing and help your firm sift through available tax incentive options.

Legislation: Flett Exchange is well versed in environmental policy. We provide your firm a regulatory overview and review existing rules and potential policy that can be instrumental to the success of your solar project. Flett Exchange's upper management actively participates in public utilities meetings and offers market intelligence which is useful for drafting Energy Master Plans.

Public Relations & Green Branding: Climate change is a growing social and political issue. As renewable energy becomes more main stream private companies and public organizations recognize their social responsibilities to the environment and potential legislative risk. Upon development of your solar project, Flett Exchange launches a green-branding campaign to alert the public of your sustainability efforts. We help track your energy efficiency and concerted efforts for minimizing your carbon footprint.

Flett Exchange's specialized knowledge and proven experience are helpful to firm's considering solar energy. We demonstrate our commitment toward renewable energy by taking a comprehensive and long-term approach toward your proposed solar project. Partner with Flett Exchange and gain direct access to a team of solar professionals who can guide your firm through a progressing green economy.


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