Flett Exchange Spot Markets

Flett Exchange spot markets are online markets where buyers and sellers can negotiate price, quantity, and specific details of Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs) and other environmental products in real-time. Our continuous live markets provide deep pools of liquidity for participants looking to transact and monetize SRECs and environmental credits in a continuous, immediate, and seamless manner.

Flett Exchange Long-Term SREC Contracts

Flett Exchange facilitates long-term contracts for renewable energy certificates (RECs) and other environmental credits. Our long-term contracts outline market specifications, contractual terms and are designed to be mutually beneficial to both parties.
Flett Exchange brings transparency, liquidity, and value to long-term contracts.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a legal contract between an electricity generator and a business owner. A PPA contract enables a business owner to receive low cost electricity from solar energy. Power Purchase Agreements have been in existence for years, range in term (10-25 years), and are a proficient way to protect your business from the potential rise of electricity costs.

Flett Exchange Public-Auctions

Flett Exchange Public-Auctions are scheduled auctions for public service entities with regulatory and compliance standards. Sellers gain direct access to our established network of environmental buyers.

Flett Exchange schedules, advertises, markets, monitors, and manages your public auction to a diverse pool of buyers and invites them to competitively bid on your Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) or environmental credits. Our public auctions are a proven format for townships, municipalities, universities, and government agencies looking to offer large quantities of RECs or environmental credits.

Flett Exchange Request for Proposal (RFP)

Flett Exchange has revolutionized the environmental RFP process. Flett RFP is a fresh alternative for firms and institutions that source renewable energy RFPs. Utilities, energy companies, municipalities, townships, universities, school districts, and government agencies can submit RFPs directly to Flett Exchange. We schedule, advertise, market, monitor, manage, and execute your RFP in a seamless manner. Flett Exchange's specialized knowledge and proven environmental expertise assure that your RFP will be executed in a diligent manner by skilled professionals.

Flett Exchange SREC Manager

Flett SREC Manager is for firms, organizations, and individuals who want their Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs) professionally managed by Flett Exchange. We monitor, process, and automatically execute your RECs in a seamless fashion. Our specialized knowledge, proven experience, and daily interaction with SREC markets make Flett Exchange the right choice for SREC management. We charge an affordable 3% fee for our services.

Flett Exchange Solar Consulting

Flett Exchange is a vertically integrated environmental exchange, brokerage, and consulting firm. Our ability to oversee solar/wind projects and guide clients from start to finish is advantageous to any firm seeking renewable energy. The environmental learning curve is steep, full of questions, and riddled with pitfalls. Flett Exchange alleviates all of your concerns. We formulate and customize a solar/wind strategy and timeline that mitigates risk, maximizes reward, and ensures success.

Flett Exchange Solar Installer Affiliation

Flett Exchange partners with solar installers and integrators. We can help you retain profits and grow your book-of-business by servicing your clients SREC needs. Transacting SRECs can be confusing, time-consuming, unprofitable, and a conflict-of- interest for your business. Flett Exchange has simplified the SREC process and compensates solar installers who refer us new clients.

Flett Exchange Utility Scale Solar

Utility scale solar projects are a viable way to harvest the sun's energy and distribute electricity to the grid in an efficient, cost-effective, and responsible manner. Flett Exchange augments this process by matching investment capital with utility scale solar projects.

Flett Exchange Voluntary Markets

Flett Exchange voluntary markets are environmental markets that are not mandated by legislation. Corporations, organizations, government agencies, and individuals employ voluntary markets to contract and offset emissions. Flett Exchange brokers a variety of voluntary RECs; interested parties can contact a Flett Exchange professional and inquire about our services.


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