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Michael Flett,

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Michael Flett is Chief Executive Officer and President of Flett Exchange. Michael founded Flett Exchange in 2006, to introduce transparency, price discovery, and liquidity to environmental markets. His mission was to create a universal, online marketplace where buyers and sellers could meet and negotiate environmental products in a secure and seamless manner. Michael has been heralded as a pioneer of environmental markets; his leadership and innovation has afforded him the opportunity to speak at various clean energy conferences and advise utilities, energy companies, financial institutions, Fortune 500 corporations, townships, municipalities, and government agencies on renewable energy solutions. Through Michael's stewardship, Flett Exchange is dedicated to educating, serving, and offering fair and orderly environmental markets for the betterment of a progressing green economy.

Michael has over two decades of direct commodities experience. He has been a member of the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) since 1996, which is the world's largest regulated energy exchange. Michael began his career at Gerald Commodities, as an energy broker and later formed Flett Futures, Inc which expanded into one of the most respected energy brokers on the (NYMEX). Michael transitioned Flett Futures, Inc into a proprietary trading firm in 2000, to participate in the advent of electronic trading in energy futures and successfully traded over $200 billion in physical futures and over-the-counter financial energy derivatives.

Shean Nelson,

 Chief Operating Officer

Shean Nelson serves as the Chief Operating Officer for Flett Exchange. He is responsible for upholding the rules, settlement, and arbitration procedures that promote a fair and competitive marketplace. Mr. Nelson's extensive experience and knowledge of regulatory standards has guided Flett Exchange to becoming a leading environmental exchange. Shean oversees spot, public-auction, voluntary, and long-term transactions to ensure that trades clear in a seamless manner. Mr. Nelson also manages Flett Exchange's Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) management services. He assists firms, organizations, and individuals who want their RECs professionally managed by Flett Exchange.

Shean brings over two decades of commodities experience to Flett Exchange. He has been a member of the COMEX since 1997, which is the world's most active regulated metals exchange. His expertise was instrumental in executing various physical and derivative commodities transactions for an extensive customer base. In 2001, Shean joined the Flett Futures, Inc as a senior trader to assist in the firm's transition from a brokerage to growing proprietary trading firm.

Kevin Flett,

 Director of Operations

Kevin Flett serves as the Director of Operations for Flett Exchange. He oversees settlement procedures and transmits Flett Exchange pricing, historical data, and research to relevant environmental and financial newswires. Kevin also originates, manages, and maintains all retail and institutional accounts. His commitment to client service and personalized assistance made him a key component in establishing Flett Exchange as a leading environmental exchange, brokerage, and consulting firm.

Kevin has over a decade of direct commodities experience. In 2001, he began his career on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) as a natural gas clerk. He has experience in executing orders for banks, hedge funds, market producers, commercials, and risk arbitrageurs of various energy products. In 2003, Kevin began trading on a proprietary basis for Flett Futures, Inc. He was responsible for running the natural gas arbitrage book and consistently achieved positive returns by capitalizing on discrepancies between NYMEX physical futures and other Over-the-Counter (OTC) derivative products.

Brian Newell,

 Senior Account Executive

Brian Newell joined Flett Exchange as the residential and commercial Senior Account Executive. He oversees all execution and monetization of customers Renewable Energy Credits. Brian brings professional management and seamless customer support to the Flett Exchange team.

Brian comes from a commodity based background were he worked on the New York Mercantile Exchange for Flett Futures. His unparalleled focus on execution and account management for customerís energy hedging books and portfolios made him an integral part of the team brokerage operation. In 2007 Brian then successfully transitioned to the proprietary trading desk for Flett Futures where he achieved positive returns trading oil based derivatives, natural gas and precious metals. Brian graduated from Rutgers University with a B.S. in Environmental Business and Economics and is pleased to put his knowledge to use for our customer base.

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