Utility Scale Solar

Utility scale solar projects are a viable way to harvest the sun's energy and distribute electricity to the grid in an efficient, cost-effective, and responsible manner. Flett Exchange augments this process by matching investment capital with utility scale solar projects.

As a strategic partner, Flett Exchange evaluates the project and its development stage. We employ a stringent vetting process, retrieve pertinent project information, and complete a site-assessment. We objectively ascertain the strengths and challenges of the project, the development team, and present innovative financial structures to unlock the project's true potential. Our goal is to present quality utility scale solar projects to market at various development stages.

Utility Scale Solar Development Cycle

Promotional Stage:
Preliminary Construction
Zoning Approvals
Land Preparation
Environmental Compliance

Growth Stage:
Partnership & Joint-Venture Formation
Fully Licensed
Building Commencement
Interconnection Agreements

Asset Stage:
Fully Operational Turnkey Project
Contracted Power Purchase Agreement
Grid Power Supply Contracting
Cash-Flow Generation

Flett Exchange is a direct link to utility scale solar projects. Our ability to match grid-connect solar projects with financiers is first-rate. As investment demand for renewable energy projects grows, Flett Exchange will be at the forefront bringing independent solar power projects online.


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