A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a legal contract between a client and an electricity generator. The PPA Provider agrees to design, develop, engineer, finance, own, operate, and maintain the client's solar facility for an extended period of time (10-25 year terms). Power Purchase Agreements have been in existence for years and are a proficient way to protect your business or organization from the potential rise of electricity costs. At the completion of the PPA contract, the client has option to renegotiate future PPA terms or purchase the installed solar facility at a residual rate.

A PPA contract enables the client to achieve a reduced rate electricity for an extended period of time. Fortune 500 companies, private businesses, government agencies, municipalities, townships, universities, and school districts are ideal candidates for PPAs. Flett Exchange has an established network of proven PPA Providers who offer favorable terms. Our PPA Providers contract to install your solar facility for no upfront costs, maintain it regularly, guarantee discounted long-term electricity pricing, and assist your business or organization in reducing its environmental impact. Clients can now receive all the benefits of solar energy without constructing, financing, operating or managing a solar facility.

If you are a business, non-profit, or governmental entity and are interested in obtaining a PPA fill out the following form. One of our PPA experts will contact you and discuss the potential benefits of entering into a PPA.