Biofuels - are fuels derived from living organisms or metabolic products (organic or food waste products). Biofuels are a smart alternative to our immediate energy needs and contain over 80% renewable materials. New and improved biofuels are reshaping the renewable energy landscape. Biodisel, bioalcohol, biogas do not emit harmful emissions and promote environment efficiency.

Flett Exchange Biofuel Markets

Flett Exchange is committed to exploring a wide range of biofuel services. We would like to hear from individuals experienced with biofuels. We believe that our services can bring transparency, liquidity, and price discovery to the growing biofuels marketplace.

Though Flett Exchange does not currently operate any real-time biofuel markets on its trading platform; we are interested in implementing market specifications in order to bring standardization and free-market competition to North America's potentially vast biofuel market.

Flett Exchange is interested in hearing from biofuel manufacturers, supply line personnel, brokers, and consumers who believe that the biofuel marketplace can benefit from Flett Exchange's services.