Flett Exchange Fees

Do-it-yourself Fee Schedule:

Seller Fee - Residential Solar Facility:

Seller Fee - Commercial Solar Facility:
$0/SREC to $2.50/SREC

Seller Fee - MD GREC Facility (geothermal):

Seller Fee - Class 1 REC:
$1.50/REC + $2.50/Transaction Fee

Buyer Fee: $5.00/SREC - NJ SREC

Buyer Fee: $5.00/SREC - VA - Small Distributed

Buyer Fee: $3.00/SREC - MD SREC

Buyer Fee: $3.00/GREC - MD GREC - geothermal

Buyer Fee: $7.50/SREC - DC SREC

Buyer Fee: $2.00/SREC - PA SREC

Buyer Fee: $2.50/Class 1 REC

Brokerage Fee Schedule:

Buyer Fee: $0.50 to $1.00/SREC

Seller Fee: 2% to $0

Volume Discount Negotiable

*Fully Managed Account*
REC Manager Fee Schedule:

Small Facility:

NJ SREC: 3% or $6.50 / SREC minimum

NJ Class1 REC: $3.00/ REC + $2.50 Transaction Fee

NJ TREC and SREC II (SuSi) = $7.00/ REC

MD: $2.50 / SREC

MD GREC: $3.00/ REC + $2.50 Transaction Fee (MD geothermal installed January 2023 and later)

PA, DC: 3% or $2.50/SREC minimum

VA: $5/ SREC for small facilities 20kw and less

Large Facility: .5% to 3%/SREC

Minimum Fees applied to low priced SREC markets