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We provide public auctions for public entities. The auctions are conducted bi-monthly on our transparent trading platform. We have a decade in experience in conducting auctions for public entities that ensure full transparency along with participation by large numbers of electric companies that are required by law to purchase SRECs or pay fines if they do not.

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Listen to what successful auctioneers had to say about Flett Exchange:

"The Flett Exchange is the auction solution we have been waiting for; minimal bureaucracy, conceptually sound, results driven, responsive, and pre-approved by the NJ Department Community Affairs. Our sales results to-date have surpassed any of our expectations."

--Lawrence Township Public Schools

"The online auction process available on the Flett Exchange has made the sale of Solar Renewable Energy Credits competitive, transparent and simple! We are pleased with the process, the knowledge and support from Flett employees and most importantly, the financial results of the auction process. We are very pleased with our decision to sell our Energy Year 2010 SRECs on the Flett Exchange."

--Atlantic County Utilities

"The Flett Exchange has provided us with a very easy to use solution for the sale of New Jersey SRECs. Flett Exchange was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and responsive to us as we began our first public-auction sale."

--Stafford Township School District

Flett Exchange SREC public-auctions have steadily outperformed other SREC auction based platforms and aggregator prices by $10.00-$20.00 dollars. This translates in to real dollars that public-service entities can utilize to reinvest in their future. For no fee school districts, townships, municipalities, and government agencies can schedule their public-auction and achieve immediate SREC execution.