Exchange Benefits


We were the first company to open up an exchange for New Jersey Solar Renewable Energy Certificates in July of 2007. Since that time our exchange has been available uninterrupted for the purchase and sale of SRECs 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Every day we provide market transparency to investors and compliance buyers who need to transact SRECs. Our owner and team are all experienced commodity brokers and traders and know how valuable our customers feel about transparency, execution, timely settlement and payment.


Flett Exchange is built on transparency. The Flett Exchange trading platform allows our customers to see the best bid and offer in the market at all times. We publish our proprietary Flett Exchange Daily Settlement Price© to the solar industry each day. Historical charts are available going back to 2007.


In some states electric companies must satisfy renewable portfolio standards required by law. SREC markets are the most efficient way to deploy capital to build out new renewable assets and they work best in a free market with open competition. In New Jersey over 70,000 solar arrays on homes, businesses and public buildings provide over 3% of New Jersey’s energy needs. The investors in those systems compete in the market to sell their SRECs. On the buy side energy companies buy SRECs from these owners to avoid paying fines for not providing mandated percentages of solar power. Flett Exchange gives both the buyers and sellers the tools to make decisions and transact in the SREC markets.


Flett Exchange makes buying and selling efficient. Our infrastructure allows buyers and sellers to lock in price, deliver and pay/get paid quickly and without worrying about delivery and payment. We act as a clearing house for all buyers and sellers thus taking out counterparty credit risk. All of our customers’ sales are immediate payment and delivery. We guarantee performance and payment so that our customers do not have to maintain different contracts. This convenience is why our markets are deep and liquid.