-Do It Yourself SREC Sales

-Managed SRECs – Flett REC Manager©


This is the most cost effective option for sellers but you will have to have both a GATS account and a Flett Exchange trading account. The GATS is free but when you sell you will pay a $2.50 commission per SREC to Flett Exchange. (larger facilities get a commission discount if they sell)

Shortcut: If you have a Flett account and you want to save time just transfer over the SRECs on GATS at the “Sell Now Price” listed on our homepage to the Flett Exchange, LLC account in GATS. We will transact on the Flett trading platform for you. You will get an email confirmation when we accept the SRECs in our GATS account and we will automatically remit payment EASY!

The Process
  1. Create a GATS account at PJM GATS
  2. Enter your meter readings into GATS every month or quarter
  3. After your SRECs are “minted” on the last business day of each month in GATs you can sell them on the Flett Exchange Trading Platform
  4. Log into your Flett account and sell your SRECs. Remember, the Flett Exchange is like a stock trading platform which allows you to look at charts make decisions and place orders above the market. Or, you can just sell it at the highest price available at the time and lock it in.
  5. After you sell on Flett Exchange and lock in your price you will need to transfer the SRECs from your GATs account to the Flett Exchange GATs account. (link to video and instructions)
  6. You will get email confirmations of your sale and Flett Exchange will remit your funds by either check or electronic deposit right to your bank account.


This option is for those who would like their SRECs managed professionally. Flett Exchange will handle your GATs account on your behalf, enter your solar arrays meter readings, sell your SRECs on a monthly basis and remit funds monthly. We can also hold SRECs until the market price moves higher at the sellers’ discretion. We charge a 3% fee for this service for home systems and a lower fee for larger commercial systems.

(a min fee of $2.50 / SREC applies to small systems in markets with low SREC prices)

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