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Flett Exchange is an environmental markets leader. Our exceptional customer service and streamlined trading process make us the ideal choice for transacting and monetizing Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs).

Our online trading platform is secure, seamless, and instantaneous. Plus, Flett Exchange is supported by a seasoned team of environmental and financial professionals ready to assist you. We bring transparency, liquidity, and price-discovery to SREC markets. See for yourself why over 2,000 clients return to Flett Exchange every month to transact and monetize their renewable energy credits.


Buyers and sellers negotiate anonymously. Identities are only revealed after a completed transaction.


In event of a dispute between the buyer and seller (such as price, quantity, term, vintage or timeliness), Flett Exchange will settle the dispute via arbitration or break the trade within 24 hours.

Immediate Payment and Delivery:

As soon as a transaction clears and is verified by Flett Exchange, payment is mailed or transferred electronically to the seller immediately. Delivery is made to the buyer according to the market contract specifications.

Buyers Benefits:

  • Flett Exchange brings transparency and price discovery to environmental markets. Our online platform enables buyers to competitively bid on Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs) and other environmental credits.

  • Flett Exchange environmental markets are extremely liquid. Buyers gain access to a diverse pool of qualified sellers.

  • Flett Exchange buyers can place working bids below the market to take advantage of favorable price dips.

Sellers Benefits:

  • Flett Exchange sellers have flexibility to monetize Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs) and environmental credits 24 hours/7days a week. Other auction platforms limit sellers to brief periods of liquidity.

  • Flett Exchange sellers can place "scale up" sell orders to take full advantage of higher prices and incrementally increase their selling average. Other auction platforms settle at one price.

  • Auction platforms can bring supply to the market all at once. Flett Exchange sellers can choose the best time to place sell orders or hit live bids in downward markets.

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