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Flett SREC Manager is for firms, organizations, and individuals who want their Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs) professionally managed. We register your solar array with the appropriate state agencies and tracking systems. We enter monthly meter readings, monitor, process, and automatically sell your SRECs every month. We can also hold your SRECs if you decide to wait and sell at higher prices. Our specialized knowledge, proven experience, and daily interaction with SREC markets make Flett Exchange the right choice for SREC management. We charge a 3% fee for small residential systems. Larger commercial systems fees vary from 2.5% to 0.5%. Call our trading desk at 201-209-0234 or email us directly at info@flettexchange.com for larger systems. Our revenues are all commission based so our sellers benefit from any price increases.

This service is only available for systems 10 kw and larger. Systems smaller than 10 kw can still sell on our spot market. System sizes under 10 kw are still accepted in NJ.

SREC Manager is the easy, hassle-free way to monetize your SRECs.

Step 1:

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 Download and print:

1.SREC Manager Agreement
2.PJM-GATS Schedule A
e-Mail or fax documents
to us at +1(877)271-0519.
That's it. You're done.
Leave the rest to us.

Benefits of Flett SREC Manager:

Liquidity - Flett Exchange operates live and continuous environmental markets which provide immediate access to deep pools of SREC liquidity. Our online trading platform promotes competitive pricing, is available 24 hours/7 days a week, and hosted on a secure network.

Transparency - Flett Exchange believes transparency builds trust. Our clients can easily log-on to Flett Exchange's online trading platform and monitor SREC activity. We post a daily SREC settlement price, historical pricing data, and technical charts that track SREC activity.

Convenience - Flett Exchange actively manages your SRECs on a monthly basis. We aim to achieve competitive SREC pricing and remit payment of monetized SRECs to you immediately. Flett SREC Manager can be helpful in attaining a dollar-cost average for your SRECs over time.

Experience - Flett Exchange is an accomplished SREC manager. Our unmatched experience in spot, public-auction, voluntary, and long-term environmental markets could be instrumental in your next SREC transaction. Flett Exchange is supported by a skilled team of environmental professionals who can decipher market moving news, take appropriate action to retain SREC value, and help mitigate risk.

How does Flett SREC Manager Work?

Once the client has completed the Flett SREC Manager enrollment and PJM-GATS Schedule A forms, we automatically retrieve generated SRECs from your Generation Attribution Tracking System (GATS) account and sell them on Flett Exchange's spot market. Once sold, Flett Exchange remits payment of monetized SRECs to you immediately. All that's left for you to do is cash the check.

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