Voluntary Markets

Flett Exchange voluntary markets are environmental markets that are not mandated by legislation. Corporations, organizations, government agencies, and individuals employ voluntary markets to contract and offset emissions. Flett Exchange brokers a variety of voluntary RECs. Interested parties can contact a Flett Exchange professional and inquire about our services.

Class I/Tier I and Class II/Tier II RECs

Examples of Class I/Tier 1 -Energy derived from:
  1. Solar thermal
  2. Wind power
  3. Low-impact hydropower
  4. Geothermal energy
  5. Biologically derived methane gas (including landfill gas)
  6. Fuel cells
  7. Biomass energy
  8. Coal mine methane
  9. Black Liquor (PA only)
  10. Large-scale hydropower (certain restrictions apply)

Examples of Class II /Tier 2 - Energy derived from:
  1. Waste coal
  2. Distributed generation systems
  3. Demand-side management
  4. Large-scale hydropower
  5. Municipal solid waste
  6. Generation of electricity utilizing by-products of the pulping process and wood
  7. Integrated combined coal gasification technology
  8. Low-impact hydropower, land-fill gas, wind energy, coal-mine methane, animal waste digesters


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