2007 NJSREC's Worthless on Expiration

2007 NJ SRECS traded at $1.00 on the last day of trading. There were SRECs offered on Flett Exchange and on the NJCEP bulletin board for $1.00. Buyers did not surface in the last few days. The assumption is that all of the requirements by electricity generators to buy SRECS had been fulfilled.

All generators of electricity in New Jersey will file reports with the Board of Public Utilities (BPU) in September. We will then see if some just opted to pay the $300 compliance payment instead of actually buying the SRECs in the open market. If there were no compliance payments made this will indicate an oversupply of 2007 SRECs. The question then will be how many. If it only affected a few late sellers then it is not a big deal. However, if the oversupply is large then it may affect future SREC values.

Proponents of higher SREC values will argue that the % required for generators to buy in 2008 is higher then the 2007. This may in turn lend to a supported 2008 SREC market. 

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