2008 Vintage New Jersey SREC prices drop slightly

The prices for 2008 New Jersey SREC (Solar Renewable Energy Certificates) dropped slightly on Flett Exchange in mid-May compared with prices traded in April. The average price for an SREC traded on Flett Exchange in April was $257.07. The Average price as of May 16, 2008 was $ 255.71. That is a drop of $1.36 per SREC.

This may not reflect the prices of SRECs traded in the cash market between producers and aggregators. Flett Exchange saw a drop in volume on its platform during the second week of May. We believe this is attributed to higher prices found off of the Exchange. A few customers reported receiving higher bids over the phone via aggregators than bids shown on the Flett Exchange SREC internet based market. The higher bids seem to have corresponded with larger SREC offers. Sellers with 30 to 50 SRECs reported higher bids for their SRECs . Talk of $260 for a block of 34 and a block of 50 SRECs were reportedly done in the second week of May.

Flett Exchange still has a block order for one of its buyers willing to pay $265.00 per SREC however, the minimum volume is 200 with a maximum volume of 1200 SREC.

Flett Exchange has a bid of $258.00 for SRECs with no minimum volume as of Monday May 19th. SREC buyers and sellers can open an account with Flett Exchange by emailing SREC@flettexchange.com or calling 201 209 0234.

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