Energy Year 2012 SREC are trading $400 on the Flett Exchange Trading Platform

     Energy Year 2012 SREC (solar renewable energy certificates) trade $400 on the Flett Exchange Electronic Trading Platform. This is a significant discount to the end of 2011 SRECs which are trading $645 each. Energy Year 2012 SRECs represent generation starting in June 2011 and ending in May 2012. The trade was for 50 SRECs representing solar power generated during June 2011. The SRECs are deliverable on July 29th, which is the first day that energy year 2012 SRECs will be minted and available for transfer on the GATS tracking system. Payment will be made to the seller 5 business days after delivery.

     This is a significant discount to SRECs generated for May 2011. The May SRECs will be posted for sale this Friday and are currently trading for $645 on the Flett Exchange Electronic Trading Platform. The price difference between the energy years is different because of supply and demand. There are differing opinions on the supply for 2011 SRECs however, it is right around balanced. Energy Year 2012 SRECs are dropping because the pace of development may far exceed New Jersey State mandates for solar energy in the short term.
     Owners of NJ SRECs should sell their SREC that are already generated and to be minted this Friday as soon as they are available on GATs. Sellers can log onto their Flett Exchange account to lock in their price for their remaining 2011 SRECs or they can call our trading desk at 201-209-0234.
More on Flett Exchange:
     Flett Exchange is largest volume SREC exchange and brokerage firm. Our online trading platform brings transparency, price discovery, and liquidity to Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs). Over 3,000 active clients utilize Flett Exchange to negotiate the price, quantity, and details of SRECs in a secure and seamless online trading platform. Upon each SREC transaction Flett Exchange remits immediate payment to our sellers (its simple sell a SREC and receive a check!) Flett Exchange operates SREC markets in NJ, PA, DE, MD, OH, CT, MA, and DC and supported by trained solar professionals with specialized knowledge and proven experience.
     Flett Exchange brokers bilateral long-term SREC contracts between qualified counterparties. Flett Exchange buyers and sellers can secure price, quantity, and terms of SREC contracts 1-5 years in duration. Our stringent vetting process ensures that quality solar projects are presented to the market in a skillful manner. Buyers and sellers utilize Flett Exchange for long-term SREC contracts gain direct access to large pools of SRECs, while mitigating risk and locking-in profits. Please visit to learn more about our services.

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