Flett Exchange Expands SREC Markets to DC, DE, MD & PA

Flett Exchange is pleased to introduce four new solar markets. Our online auction-exchange now hosts live Solar Renewable Energy Certificate (SREC) markets for the District of Columbia, Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania.

For the past two years Flett Exchange has established a premier presence in the New Jersey SREC market. Our online auction-exchange has completed over $1.7 million in transactions for 2009 and has over 680 customers. Flett Exchange has an extensive network of Load Servicing Entities (LSEs) in the PJM-GATS region which increases SREC liquidity and price discovery. Our mission is to bring our diligent solar service to the DC, DE, MD and PA SREC markets and help increase solar transparency.

The solar market structures for DC, DE, MD and PA are similar to New Jersey. The DC, DE, MD and PA SREC markets clear through The Generation Attribute Tracking System (GATS) and all solar owners registered with (GATS) are eligible to participate in our markets. Load Servicing Entities (LSEs) use the Flett Exchange to buy SRECs to satisfy their Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) requirements.

Flett Exchange looks forward to bringing transparency, price discovery and immediate execution for DC, DE, MD and PA SREC markets. Our online auction-exchange is supported by knowledgeable professionals who provide personalized service. Flett Exchange’s online auction-exchange is the most reliable and cost-effective solution to transacting and monetizing your SRECs. For a free account or immediate assistance call (201)-209-9426 or go to flettexchange.com and discover our SREC, NJ Class 1 REC, RGGI, Interest-Rate, Physical Gold and Silver markets.

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