Flett Exchange featured in recent Biz4NJ.com Article

Recently Flett Exchange, LLCs Founder and President Michael Flett was featured in a extensive article covering the nature of Flett Exchanges role as an unregulated commodities trading platform and their dominating presence in the New Jersey Solar Renewable Energy Certificate (“NJ SREC”) program. Biz4NJ.com a provider of business related news in NJ featured the recent article covering the theory imbedded in Flett Exchanges business model and the passion for excellence that has established Flett Exchange, LLC as one of the main providers of market transparency, informational postings, and blog rolls in the NJ SREC market. The article also investigates the technology behind the exchange and the true meaning of the Flett Exchange motto” Trade Everything”.

To read the full article please follow the link provided below or navigate to www.biz4nj.com and look for the article titled “The Future with Flett”


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