Incentives for Solar Products made in New Jersey

The New Jersey Renewable Energy Manufacturing Incentive REMI program provides cash incentives for new solar installations that purchase solar panels, inverters and racking systems manufactured in New Jersey. You must purchase the products from a manufacturer that has been approved to participate in the NJREMI program. The program budget is $1.0 million so just like other solar incentives in New Jersey you may want to act fast before the money runs out. Projects in both the Renewable Energy Incentive Program REIP and the SREC Registration Program SRP are eligible. The incentive will be capped at 500kW per project.

Renewable Energy Manufacturing Incentives:

($/ Watt)
System Size
Solar Panels
Residential: 0 – 10 kW $0.25 10 kW $2,500
Non-Residential: 0 – 50 kW $0.14 50 kW $7,500
Non-Residential: 51 – 100 kW $0.12 100 kW $12,000
Non-Residential: 101 – 500 kW $0.08 500 kW $40,000
Inverters and Racking Systems
Residential: 0 – 10 kW $0.15 10 kW $1,500
Non-Residential: 0 – 50 kW $0.09 50 kW $4,500
Non-Residential: 51 – 100 kW $0.07 100 kW $7,000
Non-Residential: 101 – 500 kW $0.05 500 kW $25,000


As of March 15, 2011 the approved companies and products are:

Petra Solar
Panels and Inverters
Princeton Power
Systems and Inverters
Advanced Solar Products
Racking Systems
Fiore Solar Products
Racking Systems
Renewable Energy Holdings
Racking System


There is also a bill in the New Jersey Legislature that will give a Solar Renewable Energy Certificate SREC for every 850 kw of power instead of 1000kw for facilities that utilize solar products manufactured in New Jersey. The bill is in its infancy and has yet to define what qualifies a “made in NJ” solar array in terms of panels, racking or inverters.

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