New Jersey Installed Solar Capacity Reaches 100 Megawatts

New Jersey, the second largest state behind California for solar installations, has reached the 100 Megawatt level. There are over 3,400 solar installations. The main financial incentive is the Solar Renewable Energy Certificate SREC. Flett Exchange settlement price for spot SRECs was $652 today.

Flett Exchange runs the only spot and long term market for SRECs in New Jersey. Customers can sell SRECs directly to power producers on our electronic platform 24 hours a day. The NJ SREC market has been operational on Flett Exchange for over 2 1/2 years and there are over 850 active participants on the marketplace. Flett Exchange offers daily settlement prices which are derived from the trading on its transparent trading platform.

Interested parties can call the Flett Exchange team of experienced SREC brokers for market insight and long term contracts. Flett Exchange is located in Jersey City, NJ and can be reached at 201 209 0234 or

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