New Jersey Legislature Passes Solar Bill

The New Jersey Legislature passed a bill A2966 on June 25, 2012 aimed at supporting solar development in New Jersey. It is now up to Governor Christie to sign the bill into law. He has 45 days to do so.


Solar development in New Jersey during the past year exceeded the State mandates by over 300%. The result was a collapse of the prices of Solar Renewable Energy Certificates. Without a fix, solar installations would have stopped and people who invested in solar would have experienced a few years of SREC prices in the $40 to $60 range until state mandates caught up.


SREC prices for spot delivery were trading $146.56 before the bill passage and experienced a small move up after passage. Forward pricing for energy years 2013 to 2015 were trading $150 to $160 before bill passage and were “talked” up to $180 – $190 in the morning after passage. We will see if actual trading in the forwards transpires at these levels and holds.


Solar development during the next 6 – 9 months will dictate what energy providers are willing to pay for spot and forward contracts. The new State mandates are geared for a 25mw a month build compared to the old mandates which allowed for 10mw a month to be built before the market became oversupplied. The past 12 months experienced a 37mw a month build.


Electric companies are buying their last SRECs for this Septembers’ compliance period right now. If the new bill is signed into law the electric companies will need to turn in over approximately 1,600,000 SRECs in September of 2014 compared to the current requirement for the same period of 772,000. The higher mandate decreases the likelihood that SRECs will be oversupplied as they are now and allows for a quicker adoption of solar in New Jersey.


Pricing for energy year 2012 SREC are expected to stay under $200 unless solar development in the state decreases substantially over the next few months.


Ratepayers are protected in this bill by the lowering of the fine levels levied against power suppliers in the case of a shortage of SRECs. Fine levels are being reduced from $600+ to $339 starting in energy year 2014. For the most part solar development risk will still rest on developers with ratepayers reaping the benefit of decreasing solar costs and increased competition in the solar industry as they have in the past in New Jersey.


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DISCLAIMER: This article contains forward looking statements. Actual market action could differ materially from those anticipated. Sellers of SRECs should do their own research. Actual SREC production may differ significantly from those estimates. The company assumes no obligation to update any forward-looking statement.

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