New Jersey SREC Market Trades Below $200 the first time since September 2011

The New Jersey SREC market has slid below $200 for the first time since September 15, 2011. The Flett Exchange marketplace settled at $195.50 today for immediate payment and delivery. Oversupply of SRECs and the lack of corrective legislative action has caused the SREC market to drop over $80 in the last week.  Draft recommendations by the Office of Clean Energy suggesting the continuation of Electric Distribution Companies EDC long term contracting were discussed last week during a renewable energy committee meeting. This has caused further weakening in the SREC market. Long term EDC contracting is backed by ratepayers with 10 year fixed contracts.  These contracts allow new solar to be developed risk free by solar developers. Continuation of these programs may further exacerbate oversupply and depress prices. There are still close to 88mw of EDC backed projects in the pipeline that will be installed in the next 6 months.  The majority of the installations in New Jersey do not have ratepayer backed contracts. The owners of those systems may experience significant price discounts if the solar development continues in excess of the states RPS. All previous EDC backed long term contracts are at above market rates with the difference absorbed by ratepayers.

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