NJ BPU may require new meters for small solar systems that rely on estimates

All New Jersey solar owners that rely on estimated meter readings for solar arrays of 10Kw or less may soon be required to have a revenue grade meter installed. If the meter is not installed the owner will not be able to earn SRECs. As of now, there is no exact date for when the meter needs to be installed. The rule amendment still needs to be adopted by the NJ BPU Board as proposed. The rule will go into effect 6 months after the date of the adoption by the board.


A revenue grade meter that meets the ANSI C12.1-2008 will be required. Solar owners who are on estimates now can call their installer to see if they need to have a new meter installed. We have heard of some instances where a solar owners’ warranty with their installer will be voided if they do not use the same installer to install the meter! Check with your installer first.


From our experience over the years, most of our customers who are on actual meter readings say that they earn more SRECs then they would have if they were on estimates!


More information can be found on the New Jersey Clean Energy Program website at the following link:


Flett Exchange customers that are on estimates will need to enter meter readings on GATS themselves or if you are a managed client you can email us the meter readings each month.


Feel free to call us if you need any help entering meter readings in GATs for the first time. If you would like to join our REC Manager Service here at Flett Exchange send us an email at info@flettexchange.com and we will set you up. To learn more about our easy hands-free Rec Manager program click: http://www.flettexchange.com/index.php?page=recman>

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