Flett Exchange LLC launches Ohio SREC Market

Flett Exchange LLC launches Ohio market expanding its reach into the Midwest. Ohio’s Alternative Energy Resource Standard is similar to New Jerseys Clean Energy Program and includes a solar carve out requiring retail electricity providers to purchase 0.5% of their total supply by 2024 from solar resources. More Details about Ohio’s Market can be found on the “specifications” page and at the Ohio Public Utilities Commission Website.

Flett Exchange will leverage its experience in the New Jersey markets to help match LSEs and solar systems owners with its value added transparent web based trading/auction platform. The Exchange has brokered over $1.7 million in transactions year to date with over 650 customers. Flett Exchange’s NJ SREC market has operated continuously for two and a half years allowing buyers and sellers 24 hours access to live pricing information and the immediate ability to monetize their SRECs.

For a free account or immediate assistance call (201)-209-9426 or go to www.flettexchange.com and discover our SREC, NJ Class 1 Rec, RGGI, Interest-Rate, Physical Gold and Silver markets.