Pennsylvania SREC Alert!

The first Pennsylvania SRECs/Alternative Energy Credits (AECs) for the 2011 Energy Year (vintage) will be created by PJM-GATS on Friday, July 30, 2010. PA SRECs are generated on an energy year basis which runs from Jun 1 to May 31. Values for 2010 vintage SRECs differ from the values of 2011 SRECs. Valuation differentials between specific vintage SRECs are attributable to the estimated future value of compliance payments (this is currently 200% of the sum of the “market value” of solar AECs) or a lower fixed payment as described in proposed house bill 2405. SRECs are valid for RPS compliance for the year generated and the following 2 years. Some energy suppliers will be limited to the amount of vintages according to when they were required to comply. Sellers will have to check which energy year SRECs they have before they sell them on Flett Exchange. Prices for 2010 PA SRECs have softened lately due to more buyer interest in 2011 PA SRECs.
The Flett Exchange trading platform allows for the simultaneous listing of multiple vintages. Our transparent and competitive trading platform ensures that our buyers and sellers achieve the market value for their SRECs at the most competitive rate in the industry. Our brokers are available to answer any questions that you have at 201-209-0234.