Pennsylvania SREC price Alert!

Spot Pennsylvania SREC prices on Flett Exchange recently settle at $186. This is the lowest settlement price for PA Energy Year 2011 SRECs to date. Pennsylvania SREC prices have dropped 38% since summer of 2010 when they were consistently trading at $300 per SREC. Price drops are attributed to an oversupply of SRECs due to short-term over investment in solar facilities and the ability for the entire PJM Region to register and sell their SRECs in Pennsylvania. These price drops have still occurred despite large quantities of PA SRECs being exported for renewable portfolio standard needs in Ohio.

Dropping SREC prices are a sign of a properly functioning competitive SREC market. During times of over investment SREC prices drop, thus bringing savings to ratepayers while throttling back over investment. Once SREC prices normalize only the most economical solar projects will be developed. Long term SREC prices correlate to the true cost of developing solar.
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