PSE&G Received Approval for Solar Program

PSE&G received approval by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities BPU to offer $105 million in loans to help finance the installation of solar in New Jersey.

Here are the details:

– PSE&G’s solar program will be open to all of its electric customers,
         including low-income, residential, commercial, industrial and
         municipal/governmental. The solar panels would be owned by the
         developer or the host customer.

      — Applications will be available for two years and accepted on a
         first-come, first-served basis until 30 megawatts of projects have
         been developed.

      — PSE&G would provide loans to developers or customers to cover
         approximately 40-60 percent of the cost of a solar installation
         project, depending on the projected output of the solar energy system
         and the cost of the system. The borrower would repay the principal,
         plus interest, over 10 years for residential customers and over 15
         years for all other borrowers, a considerably longer investment
         timeframe than traditional lenders are willing to provide for solar

      — The remaining project cost would be funded by the owner of the solar
         installation. The owner may have access to funds from banks and
         investors. In addition, the owner may be eligible for a federal
         investment tax credit.  (Utilities are currently not eligible for
         this tax incentive.)

      — Owners of solar energy systems would repay the loan with Solar
         Renewable Energy Certificates or SRECs, which are created every time
         the system generates solar electricity.  It takes one megawatthour of
         solar generation to create one SREC, which has value in the
         marketplace.  An SREC is a New Jersey tradable product that
         represents the clean energy benefits of electricity generated from a
         solar energy system. For the purposes of this program, an SREC is
         valued at the market price or $475, whichever is higher. Borrowers
         could also repay the loans in cash.

      — PSE&G’s electric customers will pay for the cost of the solar program
         through the Solar Pilot Recovery Charge (SPRC), which will be
         included in the delivery part of their monthly bill. PSE&G will sell
         the SRECs it receives for loan repayment in an auction, and credit
         the proceeds from the sale to customers through the SPRC, which will
         offset a portion of the program costs.

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