Renewable Energy Market Analysis

As crude oil remains above the $70 dollar mark Renewable Energy and more importantly solar energy have been gaining momentum in both the private and pubic sectors. The Wall Street Journal recently reported the $11 billion solar market has been growing by 25% a year. However, the United States in 2006 only captured 8% of these world wide solar installations which was led by Japans 17% and Germany’s 55% of installations. This clearly leaves room for extensive growth which will benefit as new technologies become more readily available to individual system operators lowering the costs operational ownership. While this growth continues through 07 and into the 08 presidential elections, reducing our dependence on fossil fuels will remain at the forefront of debate. Thus renewable energy programs, government incentives, and state run mandated compliance markets will continue to grow paving the way for increased market activity. The facts are the worlds renewable solar energy industry is growing at an annual rate of 25% and the remainder of 07 into 08 will again see impressive growth.

New Jersey