SREC Market Update - Aug 24th 2007

SRECs for reporting year 2007 have 1 week before expiration, thus far there have been no signs from utilities that more SRECs will be needed in order to meet RPS requirements for the end of true up period (august 31st). The current best bid on Flett Exchange and the Bulletin Board for 2007 SRECs is $45.00 at $170.00 with size on the offer. This suggests system operators have either been allotted their SRECs too late into the true up period or haven’t taken the time to post their SRECs. As the RPS requirement for 2008 increases to 0.082% the market cap will need to increase 36,808 SRECs in order to meet demand. This added supply will come from new installations already under construction, most of these new systems should be online by late fall as the summers projects are wrapped up. This added supply in the later part of the year will help create liquidity.

New Jersey