SREC Trading Statistics for Vintage Year 2008 from the NJCEP

The New Jersey Clean Energy Program “NJCEP” released its SREC trading data today for vintage year 2008 SRECs which are due to expire to the voluntary market august 31 2008. The data shows a clear increase in trading volume through the previous two months and an increasing average price per SREC over the same period. Note that the average prices reported are relativity low in comparison to the prices Flett Exchange customers have achieved in the 2008 market. As well the extreme monthly highs and lows are based simply on prior long term contracts and are unrelated to the spot market where Flett Exchange and its customers operate.

For more information select the link below to view the full report from the NJCEP or call the Flett Exchange SREC Trading Desk. NJCEP SREC Trading Statistics

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